Outstanding quality since 1958

We have been producing our products here in Tönisvorst for more than 60 years. Our purpose is to deliver only the very best for our customers. This is why we place the highest value on impeccable ingredients and meticulous manufacturing processes. The result – outstanding flavour! All our products are made without any flavour enhancers or artificial colouring. Internal checks and regular inspections by independent bodies are a matter of course for us. Thus, you always enjoy excellent quality with Abbelen – this is not just a promise; we guarantee it.

Guaranteed quality

We focus on safety! For this reason, we work on continuously optimising our procurement and production processes.

Quality begins with the ingredients here. We source all of our raw ingredients from selected suppliers with whom we have been working for a long time. They have all agreed to abide by Abbelen’s quality standards. We take a sample from each delivery to confirm adherence to specified parameters. Product quality, product safety and the traceability of the raw ingredients are extensively checked and documented.

Further internal monitoring systems reliably contribute to ensuring transparency and food quality. Our in-house laboratory, equipped with state-of-the-art analytical devices, conducts ongoing quality tests.

And in the field of product process hygiene and safety, we make no compromises! Our high standards are not only certified by independent inspection bodies, they even exceed stringent requirements.

This much care pays off

Our company is certified to IFS Higher Level. And the DLG (German Agricultural Society) confirms the outstanding quality of our products with awards each year.

Our promise – your enjoyment

Regular checks

To ensure our high quality standards are met we go far beyond conventional measures. For every delivery of raw ingredients, hygiene standards, adherence to stipulated temperatures for the raw ingredients, and sensory checks, among other things are conducted. A specific area within quality assurance ensures impeccable food safety for our main raw ingredient meat in particular. To this end, additional visual checks, as well as preparative and chemical analyses, are carried out.

International standards

Abbelen meets the Higher Level of International Featured Standard Food (IFS).

Seamless fulfilment of hygiene standards

Our employees ensure the seamless fulfilment of hygiene standards in all crucial areas – at product contact surfaces in particular, cleaning and adherence to hygiene requirements are regularly subject to microbiological testing. Furthermore, the 4M approach (man, material, machine, method) is implemented. This is put into practice and tested each day.

High-quality packaging

State-of-the-art packaging machines ensure both high and reliable quality

Our quality promise